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Chassidy David is a filmmaker and digital artist. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, her work is deeply inspired by her vibrant, kinetic, and intersectional adolescence and young adulthood. She is deeply interested in creating work that explores the duality between invisibility and visibility, the unspoken ways trauma links us together, and how implicit biases shape the narratives on screen and off.

Her previous works have been showcased at film festivals such as IFF Boston, and institutions such as MoMA (New York, NY) and the Museum of Moving Image (Queens, NY). She recently worked as a digital video production Teacher Assistant at the New York State Summer School of the Arts and then as a Production Assistant at Element Productions. She is currently working as a Freelance Director in NYC as well as a Digital Arts Specialist at The Madison Square Boys and Girls Club (Brooklyn, NY).

She is a recent graduate of Emerson College where she received her BFA in Film Production. 

Film (Cinematography)
A Bike Ride Home
Early Work

currently based in: Brooklyn, NY                        

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Missing First Period 2020
Missing First Period is a coming of age film that centers around Orion, a high school senior, as she competes for a once in a lifetime scholarship while simultaneously dealing with homelessness. Based on a true story


Director of Photography
Production Designer

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