Chassidy David                                       

Chassidy David is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker passionate about creating stories that navigate memory, social cognition, and psycho-cinematics. Her work is deeply rooted in exploring the psychology of suppression and repression as well as  the duality between hyper-visibility and invisibility. Although she often works on narrative projects, Chassidy often employs the foundational techniques of avant-garde and experimental cinema within her work.

Her previous works have been showcased at film festivals such as Film Diary NYC, New York Shorts IFF, IFF Boston, Tallgrass Film Festival, and institutions such as MoMA (New York, NY), San Mei Gallery (London, UK), Kino Palais (Argentina, Buenos Aires), RooBeRoo Mansion (Tehran, Iran), and the Museum of Moving Image (Queens, NY). She has also worked as a programmer on Dedza’s omnibus, Who Will Start Another Fire.

Her recent credits and collaborators include, The David Prize, You Lucky You Got A Mama, Dead Ringers, Flatbush Misdemeanors, and Missing First Period.

She holds her BFA in Film Production from Emerson College.

currently based in: Brooklyn, NY                        

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Creative Director: Yaya Bey
Director: Chassidy David
Producer: EJ, Yaya Bey and Alexis Franklin
Director of Photography: Jeffrey Clanet
Camera Assistant: Maddie Rivera
Editor: Sammy Pisano, Yaya Bey and Alexis Franklin
Choreographer: Yaya Bey
Dancer: Jason James
Wardrobe Stylist: Yaya Bey
Styling Assistant: Alexis Franklin
Makeup Artist: Ryo Kuramoto
Hair Stylist: Brittany Gay-Taplin
Coloring: Marlange Piard
Photography: Nikita Freyermuth
Produced by Corey Fonville mixed bySpenser Williams